Exciting Hotels To Try

Hotel Barges

Are you headed to Europe? The European trend of using barges as hotels began in the 1960s, when a decline in freight carriage left many river barges idle. Nowadays, these barges have been converted into floating guesthouses, having turned their storage spaces into passenger rooms. Most of the barges you will find in operation on European rivers and canals today are mobile and while travel up and down the river with passengers on board, although a few are permanently moored to their docks. Whether you want to go on an adventure or explore one city in particular, it might be worth stepping off a dry land for an interesting new perspective.

Bed and Breakfasts

Colloquially known as B&Bs, these establishments are usually private homes that are rented out to guests. True to their name, they generally offer overnight lodging and breakfast, either prepared by the hosts or via self-catering accommodations. In the United States, many B&Bs try to reflect an historical ambience, as the tradition of American B&Bs can be traced back to the opening of one’s home to travelers during the during the early Colonial period. If you’re looking for cozy accommodations in a place where you’ll likely encounter only a handful of other guests, a B&B might be worth looking into.

Skyscraper Hotels

If you’re looking to stay in a major city, there’s only one thing better than being able to look out your window and take in the skyline, and that’s being part of the skyline yourself! With the increase in the construction of high-rise structures in big cities has come the trend of devoting floor space to luxury rooms.