Hotels in Nairobi

With the passage of time, it becomes essential for these hotels to be renovated. In some cases, large scale changes need to be made. But it is not always necessary for the building to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. In many cases it is possible for the architectural integrity of the structure to be maintained while the refitting is done. There are many reasons why heritage hotels need to be preserved.

1. Like all other old buildings, hotels are of historical importance that should be maintained and conserved.

2. Hotels have much to tell the visitor regarding the life of people in days gone by. They give the modern generation a glimpse of the culture of other eras.

3. Hotels, if they are handled well, can have the same standing as museums. In famous cities of the world, it is common for great hotels to be a tourist landmark.

4. Architectural styles tend to die with the passage of time. The preservation of historical hotel buildings ensures that such traditions do not fade away.

5. These hotels can easily become a symbol of the city and it is common for tourists to want to stay in such hotels. The architecture of these hotels helps in their advertising strategy.

6. In many hotels the hospitality is also reminiscent of the charm of ancient times.

Kenya is known for its wildlife safaris, rich local cuisine and the diversity of its cultures. The rich architecture of hotels blends in beautifully into this mosaic giving tourists plenty of reasons to keep visiting over and over again. Countries that do not maintain their traditions leave their future generations without a sense of belonging or a sense of history. But the future generations of Nairobi will not have that problem as this is a city that very much blends the past with the present.

The age of the hotel is something that is advertised very proudly. Readers should take the time to browse through the website of a historical hotel. At the top of the page the name of the hotel will be written. Just below that there will be a note that says that the hotel has been around since a particular year. The images on the website will also proudly display the architectural beauty of the place. All this tells the readers how old the hotel is and how with the passing of time the hotel has only become more beautiful.